About Us

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter

Welcome to Artemis for Women - Maternal Fetal Medicine


Artemis for Women was conceived by Dr. Amy Rouse-Ho following years of practicing maternal-fetal medicine. We care for two patients (or more) at a time, with parallel treatment and support of mother and baby. Among our families and friends, we tend to focus the majority of our energy on the baby, which can leave the mother with complex feelings including love, responsibility, anxiety, isolation, and competing interests. At Artemis, we believe that the best way to support a baby from pregnancy to beyond is to support its mother.

About Our Staff

Meet The Team

Our staff is our best asset! Purely focused on creating an ideal environment to ease your journey into parenthood. And not only are we here for the moms-to-be but we try to incorporate the mom’s entire circle of support. “It takes a village” is a concept we take to heart so our staff strive to be inclusive. The more the merrier!

About Our Clinic

Where We Work

Our clinic was designed with the mama in mind! We wanted to provide a nice, calm, relaxing atmosphere so moms will feel comfortable and cared for. On the flip side, our clinic is equipped with modern, high-tech, doctor-approved equipment that ensures the best possible outcome when used by our highly qualified staff. Our goal is that everyone walks into our clinic confident that they are in the right hands.